Can I use a metal building system in tandem with?…

Can I use a metal building system in tandem with traditional construction materials?…

Of course you can! Metal building systems work well with conventional roofs, walls, windows and so on. At Farrell Construction Inc., we have dedicated teams for hybrid structures that combine steel systems with conventional construction materials. There are no limits to what you can accomplish with a metal building system. Try one for your next project and you’ll see there are countless advantages – from the inside out.

To what extent does Farrell Construction handle a project?

Farrell Construction Inc. can take your project from design, permitting, and ordering to interior finishing, and even lot finish. We can give you a turn-key (complete) job, acting as a general contractor. We can also sell and erect the steel and insulation only if you require, or any point in between. We will even sell you the package and let you put it up, but that isn’t suggested. Let a professional erect the building for you.

The difference between a metal building or a traditional building?

In many cases, you cannot tell the difference! That is why metal building systems have become an increasingly popular choice for office buildings, hangars, churches, recreational arenas and much more. You get the attractive look of a traditional building with the added benefits of steel, including cost-savings, durability and longevity.

How many quotes should I gather from different contractors?

As contractors, we would like to say, “Get only one quote, ours!” But that isn’t very smart business. We know you are getting quotes from multiple contractors and we hope to be on that very short list. Limit your quotes to 2-4 contractors. It can get confusing, trying to wade through too many bids and determine the variance between the quotes. We call it quoting apples to apples.

How many years have you been in business?

Farrell Construction, Inc. has been in business since 1976, proudly serving the four-state area and beyond.

I’ve heard the cost of raw steel is more expensive…

Than traditional construction materials. If that’s true, how can a steel system save me money?

Using a metal building system can help you realize significant cost savings. During construction, labor costs are reduced because the system arrives on site already cut to the pre-specified design. And because metal systems provide greater loads and can span greater distances, they also require fewer materials to build overall. Ultimately, a custom engineered system will make installation and erection go much faster, saving you costs for labor and speeding up the process to allow for faster occupancy.

Is it true that a metal building system can reduce my insurance costs?

Yes, in some cases you will find insurance costs are lessened by the use of a metal building system. This is because metal systems are more durable, easier to maintain and less susceptible to fire, water and weather damage. The best way to find out if you could benefit from insurance discounts with a metal structure is to contact your independent insurance agent.

Should I award contract to the cheapest or most expensive quote?

Neither. Try to get 2-4 quotes. The standard is to throw out the highest and the lowest and group the middle ones and compare. Sometimes, the highest quote will be a more extensive, complete quote that includes more crafts than the cheapest or even the quotes lying in the middle of the price range. So, go over every quote, studying and listing the differences in everything included and the prices between them.

We have a special building design in mind.

Would a steel system be flexible enough to work within our architectural requirements?

Absolutely. Many people mistakenly believe that a metal building system would be too inflexible to meet their needs. The fact is that metal structures can be applied to virtually any building application. At Farrell Construction Inc., our team works one-on-one with architects, other general contractors and builders to customize each system in accordance with the desired appearance and functional demands of the project.

What certificates and licenses does Farrell Construction hold?

Farrell Construction holds liability and workers’ compensation certificates. We hold contractors licenses in Missouri, Arkansas and in the past Colorado and Kansas. We also hold Neosho, Missouri and Joplin, Missouri business/contractor licenses.

When people refer to a “pre-engineered” metal building system.

Does that mean it is a fixed structure with limited alterations available?

A “pre-engineered” building and a “custom-engineered” building are two different things. At Farrell Construction Inc., we offer one “pre-engineered” line of Express Buildings that offer basic structures quickly and very inexpensively. At the same time, we provide a broad range of “custom-engineered” buildings that are uniquely tailored to fit a broad array of specifications in the way of size, shape and accessories. To get a better idea of the possibilities a custom-engineered building can provide, visit Metallic’s Building Applications page.

Who is on your management team?

Dennis Farrell- President/Owner. Dennis is the 2nd generation owner of Farrell Construction. He has been with the company since it began in 1976.

Cory Farrell- Vice President/Owner. Cory is the 3rd gereration owner of Farrell Construction. He has worked with the company since 1990, when he was only 13 years old. He has been in management since 2002.

Janice Farrell- Owner. Janice is Dennis’ wife and Cory’s mother. She has been with the company since 1976, handles the books, and money/employee insurance management.

Laura Farrell – Secretary/Treasurer. Laura is Cory’s wife and has been with the company since 2005. When she joined the company, she took over the bulk of the secretarial duties.

Farrell a sub-contractor for another construction company?

Of course we will. We have done many projects for other general contractors and project management companies. We will be glad to quote another contractor, steel, insulation and erection.

When should I sign my contract for my building project?

As soon as possible. Not for our sake but for yours. A building takes about 4-12 weeks to deliver on site, depending on nation demand and the size of your building. While the building is on order, other crafts can be preparing the site for delivery and erection of your building (dirt work, concrete, in floor plumbing and electrical, and other exterior work outside the building itself).