The Farrell Construction TEAM Makes It Happen at Buffalo Run!

If you asked us to sum up the job at Buffalo Run Casino, we would have to go with what Vice President Cory Farrell said at the beginning, “There aren’t many contractors smart enough or crazy enough to take on a project like this, but our team was ready.” And that’s what it all boiled down to, Farrell’s belief in his team, and their ability to make the project happen.

The large-scale construction project involved the team at Farrell Construction putting a building over an existing structure, a structure that stayed in use throughout the construction process. “Buildings have been built over buildings before, but as far as we know, not to this large of scale,” Cory Farrell said. “It is a great challenge, and I am proud of our entire team for helping us make this project happen.”

There are a number of ways Farrell Construction has had to be innovative on the Buffalo Run project. With no lifts in operation that currently reach the middle of the building, some of the specifics have been challenging. “We are overcoming obstacles and actually creating tools and new ways of doing the work that needs to be done as we go. We plan on finding other customers that face the same issues with temporary buildings that Buffalo Run has.”

As the finishing touches are going up on the building now, Farrell has nothing but the BEST things to say about his team and what they delivered on the project. After all, the definition of a team is a group that works together in a coordinated and mutually supportive way to fulfill their goal or purpose, and at Buffalo Run, the team at Farrell Construction delivered excellence every single day!

The team at Farrell Construction is just that – a team – with each and every member playing a vital role. That’s why the team at Farrell Construction is the team that delivers excellence each and every time!

“When we pool the knowledge and experience of the team at Farrell Construction, we can and do meet build the buildings that not only meet today’s, but also tomorrow’s needs,” Farrell said. “Good communication is essential if a team is to collaborate successfully and make best use of its pooled knowledge. At Farrell Construction, communication is clear in every step of the process, which means an excellent end result – like we are seeing at Buffalo Run. What a concept!”

“At Farrell Construction, we KNOW about the importance of teamwork.” Farrell concluded. “Because of this, we are able to ensure the quality of our work and growth of our company. Our team guarantees that our quality is unparalleled and our company a success, and I couldn’t be any happier with the entire team!”



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