Frank’s Lounge To Re-Open Five Months To The Day After Tornado Ravaged Joplin

Farrell Construction, Inc. is pleased to announce they are nearing completion on the new construction of Frank’s Lounge, 2112 South Main Street, Joplin. The project, which is a large, single story building approximately 90’ x 40’, replaces the original structure which was a two story building approximately 85’ x 24’. The project is slated for completion mid-October and re-opening on Saturday, October 22, five months to the day after the original building was destroyed by the May 22 tornado that ravaged the city.

Farrell Construction Vice President, Cory Farrell points out that not only is the new building larger than the previous structure, but boasts many new amenities as well. “Our team and the assembled sub-contractors have enjoyed working at Frank’s Lounge. With Judy’s help we rebuilt Frank’s back the way it was, so her “friends” felt at home, but also put some new, exciting features in the bar. I am glad the project is wrapping up, but our friendship with Frank’s Lounge and Judy is just beginning.  I will visit often and maybe even get in some karaoke from time to time.”

The new facility is much bigger and will feature hardwood floors for dancing, a brand new bar, and all new, updated facilities. Frank’s Lounge owner Judy Petty sees the Lounge as not only her business for the past 40 years, but her life. It is at Frank’s that she sees her friends, many of whom she considers part of the family.

“I’ve been here for 40 years and a tornado was not going to put me out. That’s not just my business, it’s a meeting place where my friends are,” Petty said. “I’m 70 years old, I’m not going to sit home and deteriorate, my customers are my family, my friends, and I’m going to be there for them.”

Acting on a recommendation of a friend, Petty reached out to Farrell Construction after the tornado, and hasn’t regretted her decision once. “They are a Godsend, they have just been wonderful people to deal with. We are re-opening five months to the day after the tornado hit, and that is QUITE an accomplishment. I know that without Farrell Construction, there’s no way that could have happened.”

“They have gone so far above and beyond just building,” Petty added. “Cory (Farrell) has helped me set up the karaoke, helped set up and learn to use the computer, and is giving me fantastic ideas.”

The project has been a great process for Farrell Construction as well, and Dennis Farrell, President of Farrell Construction has enjoyed the project. “It has been a very good rebuild for us. Judy Petty is an absolute sweet lady, nice to work with, and knows what she wants. We are able to give it to her, and in a quicker timeframe than what she was anticipating.”

Farrell Construction is a family owned and operated company that has been in business since 1976. Founded by the late Carl Farrell and his son, current Farrell Construction President, Dennis Farrell, the company boasts over 30 years of experience in the four-state region. Known for striking a balance between quality, cost, and getting the project done in a timely manner, the professionals at Farrell Construction, know what their customers expect, and deliver it every time.



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