Meet Cory Farrell!


For me, building is more than a profession, it’s a way of life. Farrell Construction was established in 1976, which was the year before I was born.  I started working on the jobsite when I was around five years old, following my dad around, picking up trash, and sometimes I was even able to pound up some siding! From as far back as I can remember, I have been part of Farrell Construction, and the company has been part of me.

Now in management, the thrill that I experienced when I was a little boy is still there.  Only today, I am doing a little more than following my dad and hammering siding. Today, I get the thrill in seeing a project come together.  Delivering in reality the dreams a customer has just recently put on paper is great.  I see the hope and excitement in their eyes from the very first meeting and sometimes the tears of joy when it is completed. It’s not only the projects, but also the people behind the projects that make this business great.

I can’t imagine being a crooked contractor, because there is no way I would be able to sit across from those customers, and deal with the emotions behind a project, with the intention of taking their money and disappearing. But there are people doing it every single day. Thankfully, that’s not how we do business, we honestly enjoy helping customers and our word is gold.  We bend over backwards to help our customers get what they want, and get just as much satisfaction out of the end result as they do.

Farrell Construction has been in the Commercial Pre-Engineered Steel Building industry for 22 years now.  I was working weekends and summers at the time, but remember the first building we put up.  It was a lot of fun, and still is.

When I’m not working, the thing I enjoy most is spending time with my family. I have four beautiful, and fun, children and an awesome, and beautiful wife.  We play in the yard, plant, play softball and they are always with us.  Our philosophy is: “If the kids can’t go, we don’t need to be doing it anyway.”   I love to hunt and my kids are now starting to get old enough, I am taking them with me and teaching them how to hunt as well.  Even my daughter loves going with me and seeing the wildlife.

Ultimately, my work life and my home life are both fulfilling, and they work in tandem. The integrity and joy that I have in my personal life feeds my professional life, and the satisfaction from a job well done takes me home each night. So at the end of the day, I’m lucky, and grateful.



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